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“Settled Science” Takes Another Hit January 4, 2015 8:00 AM | Tagged as God, Settled Science

WSJ December 26, 2014, Page A11: “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God” by Eric Metaxas

Metaxas‘s article continues to interest The Biz Bucks Guy. Here’s a second take:

The late Carl Sagan said in 1966 there are only two important criteria for a planet to support life. Science believed there were 1021 such planets which met Sagan’s criteria and life on at least one of them should develop without any intervention, at random, from nothing. Sagan and many other theoretical astrophysicists used this overwhelming number to justify their “informed atheism”. But science is now proposing an opposite argument.

Metaxas reveals that science now believes there are over 200 known parameters for a planet to support life, not merely two. Startlingly, the number of planets in the universe that meet this latest criteria are a nice round number: zero. That’s nada, zilch, zip. No planets SHOULD exist with life, including earth. The only explanation is some sort of omnipotent, supreme being.

Metaxas mentions one of these parameters. The earth has its Jupiter, a huge, nearby planet with strong gravity. Jupiter’s gravity acts as a traffic cop for asteroids, pulling them away from earth and allowing our life-supporting environment to last for eons. Without a large planet-neighbor, life on a smaller planet would be unsustainable due to frequent asteroid hits.

After considering these 200+ parameters (without even mentioning the distinct possibility of many more parameters emerging), the odds of ANY planet in the universe meeting the entire set of parameters is, as stated, zero. Random events cannot explain either the existence of life-sustaining Planet Earth or even our orderly universe in general. All this thinking has emerged since the 1966 Time Magazine article proposing God is Dead! Honest scientist-atheists have had their dogma shaken by this statistical analysis.

Quoting Metaxas, “Fred Hoyle, the astronomer who coined the term “big bang,” said that his atheism was “greatly shaken” at these developments. He later wrote that “a common-sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a super-intellect has monkeyed with the physics, as well as with chemistry and biology . . . . The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question.”

Given this evolution of thinking toward the existence of a creator, it seems the notion of “settled science” that President Obama likes to promulgate is a farce. As most know, there is no such thing as settled science. The nature of science is to learn more about the world around us. Science is not settled regarding the existence of God. Science is also not settled regarding climate change, in spite of President Obama’s political rhetoric. This rhetoric is intended to justify the need for dramatic, expensive, useless, government-bloating, constitution-breaking measures to stem the alleged growth of global warming.

This is the same global warming that has ceased for the last 15 or so years...without government’s help. May this newly found creator (or “super intellect” as Hoyle calls it) save us from the notion of settled science.

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