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Forget Green - Go Silver Energy! November 3, 2012 10:00 AM | Tagged as Global Warming Sustainability
Now that the folks in Washington have convinced us that “green” energy is the only way to a sustainable future, The Biz Bucks Guy is promoting the next big thing for energy for America, “silver energy”!
As we all know, science fiction is often a source for real innovation. Dick Tracy’s two-way radio watch is now our smart phone. Buck Roger’s lazer guns now fix our cataracts. Mark Twain envisioned data and moving pictures on a flat screen a century ago, ala the internet.
Now is the time for another “sci-fi” image to become reality. It is the “silver energy” initiative, so named from Michael J. Fox’s stainless-steel silver DeLorean time machine (powered by Mr. Fusion) in the 1985 flick Back to the Future. The fuel is, of course, banana peels and other assorted items from common trash.
Patterned after the current green-energy initiative, The Biz Bucks Guy suggests a nine-point plan to bring silver energy to fruition:
1.       Pass federal laws that mandate portfolio standards for silver energy, defying scientific and economic reality.
2.       Form the Silver Energy Institute (SEI) to lobby all federal and state agencies on behalf of this new energy source.
3.       Through SEI propaganda, convince thermodynamic experts they can make “the great discovery” that promotes silver energy as the ultimate in sustainability. Use billions of dollars in federal stimulus grants to coax their interest.
4.       Avoid communicating the pesky reality that after including the development and capital costs of the Mr. Fusion/DeLorean tandem power source, its resulting Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) will far exceed that of conventional, safe, reliable energy sources, such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear.
5.       Pay the Sierra Club to declare war on green-energy sources, just as they now have on coal and nuclear, and, in recent times, natural gas. Their complete advocacy of silver energy is necessary to brainwash the population.
6.       Train the media to avoid the issue of the DeLorean killing unsuspecting birds as it flies around carrying a tethered cable to transmit its power to the households of the earth.
7.       To replace the 25,000,000 gigawatts-hours of US energy use, and assuming a 90% availability, it will require 2621 Mr. Fusion/DeLorean sources, distributed throughout the country at various load centers. (The original Mr. Fusion was 1.21 gigawatts,) The visual pollution while regrettable, is nonetheless necessary to this technological advancement. This, of course, is preferable to the thousands of wind towers that will scar our country side.
8.       Have the United Nations promote silver energy for the world, even though no other countries will actually implement it. It influences US law makers.
9.       Give Al Gore a substantial amount of stock in Mr. Fusion technology companies, thus ensuring he will find some moral reason for silver-energy development. His next movie will layout this moral foundation.
The year that Christopher Lloyd’s character in Back to the Future discovered Mr. Fusion was 2015. To keep on schedule, we only have three more years to make the necessary breakthroughs. There is no time for building a national consensus. We must use the phrase (from the Saul Alinsky playbook) “The debate is over!” even though there was no debate in the first place.
Only one question remains. Which political party will champion its development? Bumper stickers are coming:
Forget Green, Go Silver Energy!

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