The majority of the following comments are taken from written assessments of Mr. Llewellyn's training and consulting work:

"Seems as though a day doesn't go by that I don't refer back to some aspect of your (Biz Bucks) course."
-From a participant four years after the training

"The most common comment written on class-assessment forms for this business acumen training class is, 'The best training I have been to in my career.' About one third say that."
-From training project manager in large electric utility -- after 400 people trained

"Bob Llewellyn...did an excellent job in the preparation and presentation of the course. It is by far the most useful and insightful training I've received in my career with [large electric utility]."

"Biz, Bucks & BTUs is the most...the MOST effective and timely training we have ever had at [company]."
-From VP of operations at 14,000 employee company

"Truly, the best training I have ever attended in my 21 years at [company]."

"Bob Llewellyn was fantastic. I think he was as close to the perfect instructor that I have ever worked with. Extremely knowledgeable, but knows how to teach."

"This [business-skills] course fills one of the biggest gaps in this business -- the need for basic business skills and understanding of the big picture."

"I firmly believe that all of our employees need this [business-skills course] to the maximum extent possible, as soon as possible."

"Mr. Llewellyn has a knack for teaching and for keeping the students’ interest level, and therefore comprehension level, high."

"The best 'concept-to-completion' person I know."

"This is the best training I've ever had here."

"We should hire Bob."

"The most functionally focused training since I've been at [company]."

"Excellent presentation. The language is very simple and easy to grasp."

"I really enjoyed the course…Bob was on top of getting his audience awake and attentive."

"Most worthwhile training received to date."

"Everyone should attend. Collectively, it takes all to buy in to the direction the company is going."

"Very well done! Lot's of practical information and problems."

"Adds value to every job. Probably the best class I've been in."

"This final class is the best course I have had in my Human Resources Management graduate-school experience at [university]. Lot's of useful business tools."

"I am going to tell the administration this course should be required for all HR degree students at [university]."
-From another student in her last semester

"Just a note of thanks. I attended your class Biz, Bucks, & Best-In-Class the first of February and have to say it was probably the most informative two days I've had since joining [company]. Thanks again for making a difficult subject both interesting and easier to understand. I have already begun on your reading list."

Regarding a closing speech (1 hour and 15 min.) at an international nuclear HR-executive conference in April 2000: "Build on Bob Llewellyn's session for next year;” "The best was left to last;" and "We should have given Mr. Llewellyn more time. Very timely and informative."

"Best class I've ever had in business, very practical to what we really do."
-A Nuclear Plant VP

“Bar none, this was the best training I've ever been a part of. Personally, I want to thank everyone who obviously had the commitment to see the 'future' and give us the opportunity to live it.
-Regarding a four-day workshop on organizational change

"In my twelve years with [company], I found this [HR business-skills] course to be the most interesting and applicable on how I can add greater value to HR and the company."

“[The Biz, Bucks course has received]…very positive feedback. We are currently using the decision-tree [methodology] to help us determine whether or not to defer a major overhaul. The course is a huge help in changing the mindset of our staff. We are already seeing more emphasis on the commercial and financial side of [decision making].”
-Result from a hydro-operations course

“(Bob's) enthusiasm and energy carried over not only in the instruction, but in the discussions with [nuclear-plant leaders]. I can tell you (Bob) made a positive impact on each and every student.”
-From Senior VP after 350 nuclear plant leaders trained

“Bob has a gift in the class room.”
-By a procurement agent