Strategic Change Initiative: Living the Future

Living the Future (LTF) is an intense, residential experience to build and practice both business principles and leadership skills. It is tailored to the specific needs of each organization. An organization must first have an integrated strategic plan before an LTF simulation can be designed.

Mr. Llewellyn has delivered twelve LTF sessions for a large electric-energy company.

Highlights from LTF Session

  • 50+ participants
  • Seven teams
  • 3 ½ days (and evenings)
  • Based on increasing the stock price of a fictitious power-generation company, ECS Energy
  • Ten Value-Creating Activities (VCAs)
  • Customized spreadsheet model to simulate stock value creation
  • Seven continuous improvement projects identified for implementation after LTF

LTF Stock Price Model

This is the top worksheet of one of the seven computer models for LTF:

ECS Energy Chart

ECS Energy Chart

Each of six teams represents a power plant. A seventh team is the generation support department. The seven teams are responsible for creating value for shareholders by increasing the plants' and the company's cash flow and by improving their leadership, culture and other intangibles (LCO factor).

The simulation starts with at share price of $50 for the company, ECS Energy.

Typical LTF Topics

  • Process Management
  • "Cash Flow" Decision Making
  • Leadership Vision
  • Time Value of Money
  • Capital Rationing
  • Decision Trees
  • Developing Your People and Yourself
  • The Advantages of Variable Cost
  • Avoiding Sub-Optimization
  • The Dignity of Employees
  • Being a Change Agent
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Implementation