Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid

Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid book cover. Click to read the first chapter.

Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid (LRQ) helps those with quantitative backgrounds decide if they are right for leadership and, if so, if they are ready for leadership.

LRQ explains the Eight Qualities of Leadership Rightness and the Twelve Skills of Leadership Readiness. Mr. Llewellyn also provides interesting research on “Advice for a New Supervisor.” Each chapter ends with a Technical Analog on Life and Leadership, a scientific principle that promotes improved “boss-hood.”

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Endorsements for Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid

Recovering Quantoid hits the “sweet spot” in filling a huge and previously ignored need: Helping engineers, accountants, craft people, and other quantitatively skilled professionals become good bosses. This is a mini-MBA for both ‘quantoids’ and ‘normals’ alike.”

-Joseph Grenny, co author of NYT Best Sellers Crucial Conversations, and Influencer

Recovering Quantoid has made a major contribution in helping both quantoids and the rest of us become better leaders in business or whatever avenue we pursue. A fun read, too, and not a single vampire!”

-Bill Child – Chairman of the Board, RC Willey Home Furnishings (retired CEO) and subject of the book How to Build a Business Warren Buffett Would Buy

Recovering Quantoid meets an unmet need. In it, Bob puts in writing what he has practiced and taught very successfully for many years. I wish all the people who worked in my areas had this two decades ago. Frankly, I wish I had it three decades ago.”

-Ron Seidel, Senior VP Fossil Generation (retired) for the former TXU, a major electric utility, former President of Texas Independent Energy and Director of Principal Solar, Inc.

“Accountants have a natural tendency to immerse themselves in the numbers and often neglect the larger elements of leadership. This book provides an outstanding framework for the more important duties inherent in administration and management. I strongly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.”

-R. Todd Neilson, a director at Berkeley Research Group and internationally known forensic accountant, presently acting as court appointed chief restructuring officer of Solyndra

“I have known Bob and his ability to teach difficult topics of business for fifteen years. I now know he can write about them, too. This is full of practical principles and, like his classes, he made it fun and interesting. This is something the engineering profession has needed.

-Ed Platt, P.E. - VP energy performance improvement consulting firm and former engineering manager

“Bob's book is a must for people transitioning from numbers work into management. I plan to introduce it to clients in my career-counseling practice who are going through such a transition. In addition, Bob's treatment of Career Concepts, developed by my late husband, Dr. Michael Driver, is thorough and a testament to the power of Career Concepts--not only for recovering quantoids, but for all of us!”

-Dianne Sundby, Ph.D., psychologist and director of Career Counseling and Assessment Associates, Los Angeles