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Alarmism Takes a Deserved Hit

WSJ April 2, 2018 “Climate Alarmists May Inherit the Wind” by Phelim McAleer

It was supposed to go better for the climate alarmists. They had it all set. A judge had decided to have a debate of sorts to find some common ground and to come to grips with the science surrounding climate change as he began a trial that would – as the alarmists thought -- rival the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, the famous trial about creationism vs. evolution.

The alarmists brought in several “believers” who actually turned out to be real scientists. But as the neutral judge asked questions at this educational meeting, the tenor seemed to go against the prosecution. The defendants in this civil trial were five American oil companies, charged with creating a public nuisance because they are contributing to climate change and conspiring to cover up their desire for profits over the well-being of California.

The prosecuting attorney was a rock star in the court room, having beat up the tobacco industry in 1998 for a cool $200 billion.

But then truth began to be shared with the judge. Alleged smoking gun documents turn up to be harmless. Inferences of catastrophic problems from the UN’s climate panel proved were showed to be overstated. The judge asked the famous prosecutor if he’d like to respond. He simply said, “No.”

You probably will not hear much about this. Maybe journalists will actually learn and share with America that the alarmists have been whacked by their own over-jealous litigation. Maybe journalists will learn to get a balanced view of science before shading their prose with gloom.