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Teach Intelligent Design 2018-06-11

The Biz Bucks Guy felt it necessary to interrupt his sabbatical to respond to an op-ed in the AZ Republic by their leftist opinion writer who besmirches anyone’s intellect who disagrees with him. His piece was in the Sunday Republic of June 3, 2018. It deals with teaching intelligent design in Arizona schools. We’ll see if they publish it.

Alarmism Takes a Deserved Hit 2018-04-03

It was supposed to go better for the climate alarmists. They had it all set. A judge had decided to have a debate of sorts to find some common ground and to come to grips with the science surrounding climate change as he began a trial that would – as the alarmists thought -- rival the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, the famous trial about creationism vs. evolution.

The Senate is Missing an Opportunity 2017-11-11

WSJ 11 November 2017  Big Wind and Tax Reform (editorial)

In recent times, The Biz Bucks Guy has advocated his "Biz Bucks victims” read two books about the energy industry.

Growth Is The Solution - Tax Reform The Mechanism 2017-09-13

WSJ 10 September 2017 – “Finding America’s Lost 3% Growth” By Phil Gramm and Michael Solon

Gramm and Solon have argued convincingly a sad commentary. Without a steady GDP growth of at least 3%, we will lose the American dream.

Goring Gore's Movie 2017-07-31

WSJ 28 July 2017 “Al Gore’s Climate Sequel Misses a Few Inconvenient Facts” by Bjorn Lomborg

The Biz Bucks Guy sat in a crowded theater a few weeks ago and was insulted by the previews of Al Gore’s new screed, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

Another Obama Crime Scene! 2017-05-31

WSJ 26 May 2017, “Anatomy of a Deep State” By Kimberley A. Strassel

WSJ 22 May 2017, “Board of Scientific Conformity” (editorial)

As Lt. Colonel (ret.) Tony Shaffer told President Trump during the transition period before the inauguration, the new president should consider everywhere Obama walked to be a crime scene.

May I Take Your Order? 2017-05-15

WSJ 15 May 2017, “Robots Will Save the Economy” by Bret Swanson and Michael Mandel

The Biz Bucks Guy has always promoted innovation at the expense of protecting of jobs. A vibrant economy will both create and destroy jobs. During the last presidential election, the Obama administration announced a 300,000 job increase one month. That was great.

Another Broken Arrow in the Climate-Hysterics’ Quiver 2017-04-29

WSJ 28 April 2017 “A Climate Hysteric’s Fake Enemies List” by Steven J. Allen

With the help of Mr. Allen, The Biz Bucks Guy has found a relatively new fake news story, at least news as of 2014. It seems one sociologist Robert Brulle did a “study” in an attempt to quantify the amount of money being donated to opposing climate-change hysteria.

My New Best Friend, Steve Koonin! 2017-04-21

WSJ 21 April 2017 “A Red Team Exercise Would Strengthen Climate Science” by Steven Koonin

Also view Opinion Journal at “How Government Twists Climate Statistics” with Mary Kissel (video)

Also view Opinion Journal at “The Climate Change Debate You Never Hear About” with Mary Kissel (video)

In several posts on this blog, The Biz Bucks Guy has been advocating for years to have a true debate about climate science or the lack of it.

Some Deficits are Good! 2017-03-11

WSJ 10 March 2017 “How to Think About Trade Deficits” (editorial)

President Trump’s cabinet is pretty strong, but The Biz Bucks Guy differs with the President on his selection for Chief Trade Advisor, Peter Navarro.