Biz Bucks Leadership Academy

With the publication of Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid: The First Book on Boss-hood for Engineers, Accountants, Programmers, and other with Severe Quantoidal Tendencies, Llewellyn Consulting now offers a comprehensive set of courses for new supervisors and those preparing for leadership. The course is for “quantoids” and “normal people” alike. It is based on the twelve skills of leadership in the book with emphasis on the quantitative skills of business (accounting, finance, economics, and statistics). The math requirements for participation are simply add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Four 2-Day Sessions

The Leadership Academy is offered in four two-day sessions and can be tailored to include Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from your company. (The numbers refer to the respective chapters in Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid.)

Session A: Leadership Fundamentals (2 days)

  • Leadership Defined (Ch. 1) 
  • Self Assessment of Leadership Rightness and Readiness (Ch. 2)
  • Career Concept framework for People Development (Ch. 3 & 10)
  • Strategy (Ch. 4)
  • Knowing Your Customer (Ch. 5)
  • Organizational Business Smarts (Ch. 7)
  • Leading Change (Ch. 15)

Session B: Biz Bucks & Blastoff (Ch. 6) (2 days)

  • Accounting (types of accounting, financial statements, cost accounting)
  • Finance (markets and value, cash flows vs. earnings, operating decision, investment decisions, NPV, profitability index)
  • Economics (supply/demand)
  • Statistics (uncertainty vs. risk, decision trees) (Ch. 11)
  • Case Study: Blastoff!

Session C: Managing Work (Ch. 8) (2 days)

  • Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Project Selection and Team Work (NPV, Decision Tree, Process Mgmt. or Project Mgmt.)

Session D: Your Leadership Legacy (2 days)

  • Team Presentations
  • Managing Individual Performance (Ch. 9)
  • Communications and Leadership (Ch. 12)
  • Delegating (Ch. 13)
  • Using Teams (Ch. 14)
  • Leadership Landmines (Ch. 16)
  • Tips for New Bosses: Results of Research (Ch. 17)
  • Graduation