Biz Bucks Training for Business Acumen

Llewellyn Consulting provides a variety of courses in business acumen. Mr. Llewellyn has taught Biz Bucks courses to over 5,000 people since 1997.

Two Typical Formats

Five-day “Mini-MBA”, for a variety of functional groups

  • Biz, Bucks & BTUs for Power Generation Professionals
  • Biz, Bucks & Bucket Trucks for Power Delivery Professionals
  • Biz, Bucks & BRTs for Nuclear Plant Professionals
  • Biz, Bucks & Building Organizational Capability for HR Professionals
  • Biz, Bucks & the Bottom Line for general audiences

Two-day courses

  • Biz, Bucks & Blastoff (Decision Making skills, NPV, Decision Trees)
  • Specialized courses to meet specific needs

Biz, Bucks, and BTUs

Biz, Bucks and BTUs Manual cover

Here’s a sample from one course:

You know THE business ...but, do you know BUSINESS?

You know the in's and out's of your function and the processes and operations of the generation business. This is knowing THE business. To be effective in the competitive environment, power-generation professionals must also know the principles of business itself as taught in the best business schools, such as value creation, decision making with uncertainty, culture change, organizational leadership, economics, and investment tools.

Biz, Bucks & BTUs will give you these principles in a compact, comprehensive, and effective format. Biz, Bucks & BTUs teaches the key points of the first year of a full MBA program.

Specific Objectives

  • Improved business communications
  • Greater understanding of value creation and markets
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Increased organizational effectiveness and people developing

Course Content

This five-day learning system consists of eight modules:

  1. The Case for Action
  2. Business Basics (accounting, finance, economics) 
  3. Making Money by Making Power
  4. Operating Decisions
  5. Leading the Change (management, leadership, organizational change, people development)
  6. Investment Decisions (NPV, Profitability Index)
  7. Handling Uncertainty in Decisions (decision trees)
  8. Creating a Value-Creation Culture (team projects )

The Biz, Bucks & BTUs line contains over 50 problems and exercises. The final segment includes a team project presented by various teams to the class. The team does the project during the fourth day and as homework before their presentation on the fifth day.