Authored Papers

The following published and unpublished papers deal with business skills and HR issues current at the time of their writing.

When to Call the Organization Doctor (2002).
Published in HR Magazine, March 2002: A short explanation of organizational diagnosis.

Giving HR the Business (December 2001)
A short explanation of the business skills needed in HR.

The HR Value Chain (1997)
Written with Bud Paullin. A discussion of value creation from the HR perspective.

Implementing Performance Management As Intended Helps Fuel Culture Change and Results at APS (1996)
A discussion of the principles used to implement a performance management system at an electric utility, Arizona Public Service. The system was judged an industry best practice by an independent study.

The Tidal Wave of Reengineering: Is Your HR Department Ready? (1996)
The forgotten role of HR in reengineering is discussed in the context of a massive and somewhat successful reengineering effort.

Creating the Fires of Change: Implementing a High-Performing Culture through Management-System Redesign (1995)
A systems view of the culture change at Arizona Public Service from 1991 to 1995.

Sub-Optimization: the Elephant in the Corporate Boardroom (2003)
Published in Electrical Perspectives, Feb-Mar 2003. The cost of focusing decision  making below the corporate level.

The Four Career Concepts (2002)*
Published in HR Magazine, September 2002. Discusses Linear, Expert, Spiral,  and Transitory careers.

The Power of Being a People Developer (2002)*
Published in HR Magazine, July 2002. Includes six reasons for developing your  people.

* These two papers were also included in HR Magazine’s Guide to Managing People: 47 Tools to Help Managers. The editor said this anthology was a compendium of the best papers of the decade from HR Magazine.