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Llewellyn Consulting is a sole proprietorship of Robert N. Llewellyn, Sr. Mr. Llewellyn designs and delivers business acumen training, largely in the electric-energy industry. Since 1997, over 4500 people have participated in his Biz Bucks training classes. Consequently, he is known as the “Biz Bucks Guy”.

The video on the right provides a summary of Llewellyn Consulting’s five services. To learn more about them, click on Services above.

His online business-acumen training, BizBasicsOnline, is also available.

Llewellyn Consulting also provides complementary business education and political opinion through the Biz Bucks Quarterly and the Biz Bucks Blog. You can follow this blog on Twitter: @bizbucksguy.  

Mr. Llewellyn’s Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid was published in 2013, and includes many of the principles of his five-day mini-MBA course. Click the bottom stripe to read more details.


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